Norman Cornejo has a successful 16-year track record in the network marketing industry and is one of the leaders with the highest results in Latin America.

During his career has always been a top earner in every company he’s been involved in so far.  We were surprised to know that he recently decided to resign from his current position in ACN Flash Mobile, where he was for two years.

Those who know him know that Norman is not a person who easily leaves a company and what we know is that in the past he has said that he has a principle:

“When there is no real opportunity for the people, there is no an opportunity for me “

It is not common to see one of the current top earners of a company leave and in the past, Norman has been criticized for his decisions but time has so far proven he was right.

Norman is a specialist in creating successful duplication and education systems with which has helped many people to change their results and has advised and created systems for leaders and companies in the industry.

W MOMENTUM (We Are Momentum) is a system created, tested, and led by him that helps people develop their leadership and easily and quickly create a successful MLM business.

We will be keeping an eye on the next step of Norman Cornejo because of the message that he left on the website The video is very clear: He will find a company that allows his current +5,000 people organization to have a real, legal, fair opportunity with the potential to become one of the largest companies in the industry in the coming years.

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