Posted by Khadijah Adams on 14 March, 2020 Views: 100
Introducing the World’s 1st Upscale Elite Prepaid Metal Debit Card with Rewards!

It's taken us 4 years to get it done, but WE DID IT! Our card is an Upscale Elite Metal Debit Card designed for the 95% of people who would love to own a beautiful metal card but can’t qualify to get one. The quality of our cards are second to none and we bet you’re going to LOVE it, as well as the optional Rewards that comes with it.

Our company has over $100 million dollars available to payout to Brand Ambassadors! We are offering an initial $1,000 for the first 4 referrals who join our Leadership Program and then for each additional referral, we're offering up to $400 per person who uses your dedicated link to order one of our prepaid metal debit cards!

Why Would People Order Our Debit Card?

No Credit Check, No Transaction Fees, Optional Savings Program, No Bank ATM Fees, No Bank Teller Fees for Cash Advances or Withdrawals, and Card To Card Transfers are absolutely Free! Now for the BEST part, when our card owners refer a friend, they'll get CASH bonuses too!

What Prepaid Debit Card are People Using Today?

Today, people are still going to check cashing places to cash their payroll checks because they either can't qualify for a checking account, or really don't want to deal with banks. Bottom-line, people are being charged a fee to cash their checks (could cost them between $1 to $20 depending on the amount of their check, or more). Then some people are taking their cash and adding it to other prepaid debit cards and are being beat over the head with excessive and unnecessary fees! It’s ridiculous and not fair!

How Are Some Parents Sending Cash to Their College Kids?

What about parents who have college kids? Today, some parents give their kids credit cards (more fees), send Bank Wires (more fees); they send cash using different Apps, guess what? More fees!!!! With our card, it’s simple; parents can transfer cash to their kid(s) Card to Card. Best part, no fees and they don’t have to leave home!

Why Do We Exist?

We are giving financial POWER back to hardworking Americans who are already struggling enough to just make ends meet as it is in today’s economy, less known having to pay additional fees every time they make a purchase, or even get declined for a purchase! Listen, it's their own hard-earned cash, why should they have to pay additional fees every time they use their cards? Some companies even charge them when their card is declined. Imagine that! smh

Hey folks, it's time to give those fees back to our communities and run from excessive and unnecessary fees!

Call or Text me for more details on how to order your customized prepaid debit card, or become a Brand Ambassador in your area.

We look forward to working with you!

C. K. Adams, VP of Marketing
Direct: 720-327-9522.
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