Posted by Tina Marie Pittman on 22 March, 2020 Views: 100
All you have to do is start signing up customers which can be done without placing an order. You sign up 2 customers and your account is active you start earning money immediately since you are paid a fast start bonus of 50% of PV on all customer orders and it has not cost you one Dime . That is one of that great things about our compensation plan over other companies and we don't have to go to things like sign up now for free . Because we always offer that and you can start earning money now in fact you don't ever have to place an order or pay out one time if you so choose you can just sign up customers and make money on ever single order they place now to obviously to take full advantage of the great compensation you will need to place an order and pay the membership fee. Since the average fast start on a customer order is $50.00 you sign up 3 customers that order an Epic pack and you have earned $150.00 in which you could than place a qualifying order (89.95) plus your shipping and membership fee and not pay a penny out of your own pocket So I think we stack up pretty well against the othercompanies.