How to make money with Vestige?

VESTIGE is one of the fastest selling direct selling MLM company in India. Vestige Product List is increasing day by day, in which Vestige is trying to make the product better and better. With Vestige Business Plan, many people keep searching for information on the Internet.

We have already given you the introduction of VESTIGE MLM / Network Marketing Company, in which you were told about the advantages and disadvantages of Vestige . In this article, we will talk about the Vestige Business Plan. In which we will understand Vestige Income Plan.

Often, Vestige's direct seller is looking for Vestige Business Plan PDF. The business plan PDF on Vestige's site is difficult to understand, because there is a lot of detail written about vestige.

Vestige Business Plan

Before we understand Vestige Business Plan, we will look at some definitions of Vestige Business. What is Vestige PV BV? This is the most important to understand.

Vestige Business Plan 2020

What is Vestige PV BV?

The first is to understand PV BV in the Vestige Business Plan. BV's Full Form Business Volume and PV's Point Volume.

BV and PV are nothing, it's just Vestige's own currency unit. Where 1 BV is on average Rs 1.66 and 1 PV is Rs 27 on average. The same 16 BV is equal to 1 PV.

We will tell you further about what the role of BV and PV is in the business plan of the Westies. Just so you have to take care that whenever you buy a product from Vestige, you get 60% of the original price of that product. Get BV For example, if you take something of 100 rupees from Vestige, then 60% of it means that you will get 60 rupees in BV. That is, 37 BV for every 100 rupees purchased.

How does income come from the Vestige Business Plan?

The only thing to understand in Vestige's business plan is how and how income is made in it.

Like every MLM company, income in Vestige also depends on the direct selling done by you and the selling done by your downline. Income from Vestige is never fixed, this income is less every time.

Income from Vestige is based on the following profit.

1) Vestige Retail Profit-

In Vestige, you get every product directly from the company, at the cost of wholesale. That is, if there is a product that costs 100 rupees in retail, then you will get it for 80 rupees. Now if you sell it further for 100 rupees, you will get a profit of 20 rupees and if you use it yourself, you will save 20 rupees.

In this way, you will earn or save on every purchase from retail profit. The more products you sell and sell, the more direct income you make.

2) Vestige Performance Profit–

Performance Profit depends on how much BV you get every month. If you buy up to Rs 10,000 in a month from Vestige, you will get Cool 370 BV, which will give you a performance bonus of 5% ie Rs 18.

The more BV you earn every month, the more percentage of your profit will be in the performance bonus. We have given below the chart of what percentage performance bonus you will get.

vestige profit on performance

The most important thing is that if you earn more than 8000 BV, then your profit will come separately from the first stage to the second stage. That is, 400 plus of the first stage, whatever your BV becomes on the second stage, you will get a bonus. The highest performance bonus is up to 20 percent, which is after the BV of 1 lakh and 60 thousand.

3) Vestige Director Bonus :-

You get this bonus when you become a director yourself and bring new directors under you. To become a director, you have to do the business of 32000 BV, which is not so easy. That is, it will take you a long time. But, when you become a director and your income is fixed up to Rs 5000 every month.

Now you add another person below you and make him a director, then you have income from 10000 to 15000 and you become a silver director.

After this, two directors become gold directors, then three directors become banners and then last directors become crown directors. Meaning that as you add directors below you, your income will increase.

4) Vestige Fast Bonus: -

In the fast bonus, if you sell well in the initial months, you get a little more bonus. In which, earning up to 4500 BV in a month, 400 rupees are available from Extra Vestige and vestige product of 1000 rupees free. But, if you sell more than this Vestige product in a month, then you get more profit.

In this way, you can make income from network marketing and product selling from Vestige Business Plan.

Vestige App

It is a matter of Vestige Business and Income Plan. Vestige has launched some apps on the Google Play Store. If you are a direct seller or distributor of Vestige, then you can also use these apps to get Vestige Online joining and Vestige Best Deals .

If you have read the Vestige Business Plan carefully, then most of you would have liked this plan. Because in this, there is profit in many ways without much investment. We hope that the query on your Vestige Business Plan PDF ends here.