Oriflame is a well-known direct selling company in the MLM industry. It is well established in more than 60 countries including India.

Along with selling beauty products and cosmetic products, Oriflame is also giving everyone a chance to become a Distributor (Direct Seller) and earn.

What is Oriflame?
Oriflame is an international legal direct selling company that manufactures as well as sells beauty and cosmetic products.

Oriflame being an MLM company provides its distributors with the opportunity to make profits and earn well. The tagline of Oriflame is

“Your Dream, Our Inspiration.”

With the head office in Delhi, Oriflame is registered under MCA as Oriflame India Private Limited in India and it is one of the legal direct selling companies in India.

How to join Oriflame?
Various newcomers have this question.

To become an Oriflame Distributor, you can contact someone who is an existing Oriflame Distributor. Choose the ones who not only help you to become a Distributor but also teach you the work and form a good team.

Apart from this if you don’t know any such Distributor, you can visit the nearby Oriflame office or also apply from the Oriflame’s official website.

Oriflame Business Plan

Oriflame Business Income Plan from MLMs Profit