In this article you will get information about an Indian MLM company called Ok Life Care . In which we will see how Ok life care started and why it is called Vestige 's rival company.

Apart from this, you will find information in detail on the following points.

  • About Ok Life Care Private Limited
  • Ok Life Care Business Plan
  • Ok Life Care Compensation Plan
  • Ok Life Care Products Details

About Ok Life Care Private Limited

Ok Life Care Private Limited started in November 2016 and is headed by Jogender Singh, MD Sarita Karwasra and CEO DK Saharan.

The company is registered under MCA from Delhi and has its head office in Rohtak, Haryana. Apart from this, it is one of the Legal Direct Sellig Company List , according to which Ok Life Care is allowed to do direct selling business in India .

Ok Life Care claims that they have the chain of 5 tv channels, 17 college, and Drishti Hotel. But we do not confirm this.

If Ok Life Care has so much other business, what does it mean to a direct seller? Because the earnings of the direct seller will be good only when the company's product and income plan is good. Apart from this, the rest is only part of the marketing of the company.

Ok Life Care has 130 products including Health Care, Personal Care, Home Care and more. Which we will talk about further.

OK Life Care Business PLan 2020

OK Life Care Business Plan

Talking about Ok Life Care's business plan, it is an MLM company, in which any person can become a member of the company. We are also called members, direct sellers or distributors or associates.

After joining the Ok Life Care Marketing Business Plan, what can be done, we can divide it into two parts.

Products Purchase

After joining Ok Life Care, one has to buy products from the company. After becoming a direct seller, the person gets the product from the company at DP (Distributor Price), which is lower than MRP (Maximum Retail Price).

In Ok Life Care, it is necessary to buy products worth 1000 to 1500 rupees on an average of 500BV.


After joining itself, more people also have to join this company, which we call recruitment. The person who added you is your upline and now the people who will join you below will be your downline.

Keep in mind, there is no money to add people in MLM company. You will get money only when people in your downline buy the company's products in maximum quantity.

When you and people in your downline buy a product, some of its profits go to your upline.


Ok life Care Compensation Plan

Now let's talk about what is Ok Life Care Compensation Plan (Income Plan) and how will you get your first income.


Before knowing its income plan, we know about BV.

BV (Business Volume) is mainly used for counting income. 1 BV in Ok life care is an average of 2 to 3 rupees.
That is, if you buy a product of 200 to 300 rupees, then you get 100BV. Now according to this BV your different income is fixed.

Types of Income in Ok Life Care

Ok Life Care claims to give 7 types of income, which are as follows

  1. Retail Profit
  2. Active Bonus
  3. Consistency Bonus
  4. Super Active Bonus
  5. Car Fund
  6. House Fund
  7. Flagship Bonus

Retail Profit

The first income retail profit that you get on your own product purchase. Now you have become a direct seller of ok life care, then you get the product at DP i.e. Distributor Price. Which is less than MRP.

Your retail profit can be extracted from the following formula.

Retail Profit = MRP – DP

Example: eg MRP of a product is Rs 110, and DP is Rs 100. So you will get 10 rupees profit by selling this product in MRP, which is your retail profit. Every product has different retail profits.

Active Bonus

Now further income depends on the purchase of the product in your downline. Suppose you have placed two teams in your left and right, Team A and Team B. Now when you have 2500 BVs purchased separately in your two teams (on average Rs. 6,250 bought separately in both teams). So you get 1 ABP (Active Business Point).

If you buy 5000 BV separately in both your team, then you get 2 ABP. Here you have to match both legs.

Now every month, the company distributes 30% of the BV sold by the company to all ABP holders.


Like this month Ok Life Care has sold 1 lakh BV products. So 30% of his BV ie 30,000 company will be distributed among ABP holders. Now all the direct sellers of the company have earned 132 ABP, so now 30,000 BV will be divided by 132 ABP. That is, 30,000 / 132 = 227 rupees.

According to this 1 ABP is equal to some 227 rupees.

If a direct seller gets 2 ABP (when both his team has a purchase of five thousand rupees) this month, his income from his active bonus will be 2 * 227 = 454 rupees.

Now as the network and product purchases in it grow, the direct seller earns more ABP and there is a possibility of more income.

Now similarly, the next income is counted differently. But they have to do more in the BV downline to get it. It is not possible to explain all the income in this one article.

Ok Life Care Products

Talking about the product of Ok Life Care, this company has 130 products. Which are in the health, personal care, wellness, and grocery categories.

The products of Ok Life Care look good according to the packaging and more range of products are available for the direct seller, which are its two major benefits.

But of course, like most other MLM company's products, Ok Life Care's product is also more expensive than the market.

Especially when you buy products like spices, which are our common needs and whose price runs according to a certain amount in the market. MRP of those products will also get you more in Ok Life Care.

We are not saying this because we are against Ok Life Care, but it is the condition of most MLM companies. Where, despite not wanting a direct seller, expensive products have to be purchased.

Vestige Vs Ok Life Care

In recent times, there is a fierce battle between Vestige and Ok Life Care. This is not the first time. It is common in the Indian direct selling industry to cheat each other's company.

But something else is going on between Ok Life Care and Vestige. Where people are degrading each other's products and plans by making YouTube videos.


Ok Life Care FAQ

Is Ok Life Care a fraud company?

No, Ok Life Care is one of the list of legal direct selling company recognized by the Government of India.

How to get involved with Ok Life Care?

To join Ok Life Care, you have to contact any old Ok Life Care direct seller. They will have to give you their required information and they will put your ID in their downline. But remember, you should choose your Upline, through whom you are going to join. Because to some extent your business and income depends on their cooperation.

Should you join Ok Life Care?

This decision should be completely yours. First of all, you have to understand MLM. In which the following point is the most important.

  • MLM has a success rate of just 0.04% . Which is harder than cracking IITs.
  • In MLM you will have to learn skills like marketing, communication, presentation.
  • According to experts, to be successful in MLM one has to spend at least 2 to 3 years of hard work, only then there is some chance of success.

After this, you should fully understand the plan of Ok Life Care and know how your first income will be. Only then choose a good upline and decide to join.

What is the fee to join Ok Life Care?

According to the Direct Selling Guidelines , no company in India is allowed to take joining and any other fees. Therefore, you do not have to pay any fees to join Ok Life Care.

Need to buy Ok Life Care products?

Yes, in Ok Life Care, it is necessary to buy products worth 1000 to 1500 rupees on an average of 500BV.

Which company is better than Vestige Vs Ok Life Care?

It is not appropriate to answer this question in one sentence. Both Vestige and Ok Life Care are right in their place. Both legal and product based. Just Ok Life Care is a new company, while Vestige has been ruling the direct selling industry in India for years.

But now you have to decide, who is right and wrong.

How much money can you make from Ok Life Care?

It depends on you. The larger your network and the more people will buy the product in your downline, the higher the income.

Where to buy products from Ok Life Care?

You have to get the products of Ok Life Care from your nearest Ok Life Care branch. You can see about the branch by visiting Our Stockist on the official website of Ok Life Care.

We hope that this article is complete information of Ok Life Care. Business Plan will be helpful for you.