JPD community is a foundationfor building an Enduring Company in Affiliate Network Marketing. Making technology the key differentiator in our mission to become the first choice Affiliate MarketingCompany.

1. Self Income
2. Level Income
3. Mini Club Income (10 to 15 thousand Monthly Income)
4.JPD CLUB INCOME (30- 50 thousand Monthly).
5. Shared Pool Income upto 6 Level 10 Crores.
6. Repurchase income On Products unlimited.


1st level= 1/- daily from each member
2nd level= 2/- daily from each member
3rd level= 3/- daily from each member
4th level= 4/- daily from each member
5th level= 5/- daily from each member
6th level= 6/- daily from each member
7th level= 7/- daily from each member


Rs×Team = Daily Income

Level Team Total Income Daily

1×10 Team = 10/- daily
2×100 Team= 200/- daily
3×1000 Team= 3000/- daily
4×10000 Team= 40000/- daily
5×1lakh Team= 5 lakh daily
6×10 lakh Team= 60 lakh daily
7×1crTeam.= 7 crore daily

To achieve JPD CLUB INCOME you must have 10 Direct and 100 people team.
JPD club income delivered on 12th of every month and divide between all achievers JPD club income calculated from total new user in BOOSTER PLAN in the month multiplied by 500 INR.

JPD Full Business Plan

JPD Business Plan Presentation from MLMs Profit