We are going to talk about Indusviva Health Science Private Limited. Which is an Indian MLM Company and has been working in India and some other countries for the last few years.

In this article you will get detailed information on the following points.

  • What is Indusviva?
  • Indusviva Business Plan
  • Indusviva income plan PDF Download
  • Indusviva Products

Along with this, you will also answer some questions related to your Indusviva.

Indusviva Health Science Private Limited

Indusviva Health Science Private Limited, known as Indusviva, is an Indian direct selling / MLM company, which started in January 2014.

Indusviva is registered under the MCA from RoC-Banglore and has its head office in Bangalore itself.

Indusviva has all the necessary certificates and is also in the List of Legal Direct Selling Company . Which means that Indusviva can do its MLM business in India. It is also a member of FICCI.

Indusviva is based on health products. But one good thing is that Indusviva has only 5 products and has a separate website for each product, it is also well designed. But perhaps the company had no need to do so.

Indusviva Business Plan

Indusviva business plan

Now talking about Indusviva Business Plan, it is an MLM / Network Marketing company. In which people have to be added as direct sellers, which can also be called Distributor, Member or Associate of the company.

Indusviva cannot charge any joining fees due to direct selling guidelines . But you have to buy a fixed amount of products.

In Indusviva, you have to take an average of 200PV i.e. 25,000 rupees products.

You can further sell these products on MRP or use them yourself. After joining Indusviva or any MLM company, the member has to do two things, which is the following.

1. Product Purchase

After joining Indusviva, you have to buy the company's products. You will get the product at the Distributor Price, the distributor price is less than the MRP of the product.

In Indusviva you have to first buy the product with MRP (100 rupees delivery charge separately) and you get 20% of the price back later.

For example, if the MRP of the product is Rs 1000, then you have to pay a delivery charge of Rs 1100 and next week you will get 20% ie Rs 200 back.

You can sell the product further, which will result in retail profit, otherwise you can use it yourself.

2. Recruitment

You have to connect more people of recruitment i.e. Indusviva.

Those who have connected you to this company is your upline. Now the ones you add below you will be your downline. You have to add more and more people, which will increase your network.

Indusviva is based on Binary Plan.

Keep in mind, you do not get money in MLM by adding people, but you get it when you buy the product.

If you have 100 people in your downline and are not buying any product from the company, then you will not have income. Instead, there are only 10 people in your downline, and they take products every month. So your income will be more.

Some percentage profit goes to your up-line on the purchase of each product by you and your downline.

How will income be on your and downline product purchases, will understand it further in the Incone Plan.


Indusviva Income Plan

Before understanding the income plan of Indusviva, let us know about some key points.

PV Calculation

PV means Point Value, based on which your income will be accounted. PV is pre-fixed on every product of Indusviva, which is available to the direct seller on every purchase.

In Indusviva 1PV equals Rs 100 on average. If a product is of 25PV, then you have to pay Rs 2500 for the product.


GV is Group Volume, which is the same as PV. But the PV that earns your downline becomes a GV for you.

Remember, you do not mix both GV and PV, both give income differently.

Types of Income

Indusviva claims to give 9 kinds of income.

  1. Retail Profit
  2. Top Retailers Bonus
  3. Business Opening Bonus
  4. Presidential Upgrading Bonus
  5. Team Bonus
  6. Rank Maintenance Bonus
  7. Royalty
  8. Elite Business Match Bonus
  9. Reward Programs

How to earn first from Indusviva?

We will explain briefly how your first income will be.

When you join Indusviva, the first thing you buy is 200PV products, that is, you have bought products worth Rs 25,000 (Rs 25,000 on average). With this you will get 20% back on retail profit ie.

Now you start building the network, and you add People1 and People2 to your downline. People1 and people2 both buy 200PV products worth Rs 25,000 separately, so it matches 200GV in both your left and right leg.

Now 5% of 200GV means 10GV, due to which your income is 1000 rupees and thus Team Bonus is counted. (1GV = Rs 100)

Once the left-right GV income is received, the GV becomes zero. Then when other product purchases are in the downline, then the GV rises back.

Click on the button below and download the PDF, Indusviva Income Plan. This PDF has been released by Indusviva on its official site.

Indus Viva Products

Now talking about the products of Indusviva, they have only 5 products.

  • I-Pulse
  • I-Charge
  • I-Slim
  • I-Coffee
  • I-Glow

The MRP of each product is Rs 3,000 on average.


I-Charge is an energy drink from Indusviva. Which is mainly composed of five components.

  • Kanna,
  • Ashwagandharishta,
  • Balarishta,
  • Patrangasava
  • Drakshasava

The product is excellent in packaging, there are very few MLM companies, whose products are so premium in appearance.

But not just I-charge according to the price, all the products of Indusviva are expensive. Product is out of budget for most general category people. Because there will be very few people in India, who will give 3,000 rupees only for coffee powder or spend 3000 rupees for energy drink. This makes it clear that marketing of these products for Indusviva's direct seller is a huge task.

Indusviva FAQ

Should Indusviva be connected?

This decision should be yours, do not take a decision on the motives or on the advice of friends.

You have to understand MLM first. It requires communication, marketing and presentation skills to succeed. According to the expert, it takes at least 2 to 3 years of hard work.

Indusviva has a legal direct selling company, but like most MLM companies, Indusviva's products are quite expensive. Whereas there are more companies in India whose products are more economical than Indusviva.

So understand MLM and Indusviva Plan, only then decide.

How to get connected to Indusviva?

To connect with Indusviva, you should contact any old Indusviva member, they will put your ID themselves, you just have to give the necessary information. Otherwise you can join by filling the form on the official site of Indusviva itself.

Need to buy Indusviva products?

Yes, if you do not take the product from Indusviva within 1 month, then your ID will be closed.

What is the need to join Indusviva?

Some important documents like Aadhar card, PAN card and canceled check are required to connect with Indusviva. Apart from this, it is also necessary to buy products worth Rs 25,000.

Is Indusviva Fraud Company?

No, Indusviva is completely legal in India. And it is allowed to do MLM business in India.

What is the fee to join Indusviva?

To join any MLM company including Indusviva, you do not have to pay any joining fees or Renewal Fees. If any such company does, then it is against the Direct Selling Guidelines. And you can complain against them in the consumer center. But yes, you have to pay for the product.

What is Vibrant viva?

Vibrant Viva is a platform of Indusviva itself. Where Indusviva's direct seller is taught about direct selling. It is a kind of training program.

How Much Money Can I Make From Indusviva?

It depends entirely on you. If you are able to handle thousands of people in your downline and you can get lakhs of products purchased every month from the downline, then only you can earn good money from it. But it is not as easy as it sounds. So you should not think that you will be successful in a year.

You have to work continuously for 2-3 years in any MLM company. Only then does the fruit appear.


We hope that this article “Indusviva Business Plan” will be useful for you.