In this article, we are going to talk about the MLM company and its business plan, known as Atomy, in India and many other countries in the last few years.

Atomy is the only company that was not even launched in India and thousands of people were already ready to work in the plan.

Atomy business plan in india

Why is this and what is it like in the Atomy Plan? You will get to know further. So let's see, Atomy India Full Business Marketing Plan.

What is Atomy Company?

The Atomy Company was started by Han-Gil Park in South Korea. Atomy is a joint venture of Kolmar and KAERI (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute).

Kolmar is said to be the largest cosmetic manufacturer in South Korea and manufactures products for the world's largest companies.

Atomy was in South Korea only for a few years, but later it has come in western and Asian countries.

The Atomy Company works with them in other countries.

  • India (2019)
  • USA
  • Japan
  • China (2019)
  • Canada
  • Taiwan
  • Singapore
  • Cambodia
  • Philippines
  • Malaysia
  • Mexico
  • Thailand
  • Australia
  • Indonesia
  • Russia

Atomy is not yet fully launched in India and the name of the company has not appeared in the Legal Direct Selling Company list. But many people still sit for the "On Paper" network company.

Atomy Marketing Business Plan

Atomy is an MLM company, so it is reasonable that people have to do two things after joining.

The first is to sell more and more products of the company and the second is to bring new people into its downline. To get success in any MLM company, we have to do another job in a much better way.

The Atomy Business Plan is based on a binary plan. In which two people join under one and a network is formed.

Atomy Compensation Plan

Talking about the Atomy Compensation Plan, it is difficult to understand. But you only have to keep information about Matching Conditions and PV.

Every product purchase gets a fixed PV (Point Value). This PV varies according to each product.

After joining Atomy, one has to buy 10,000 PV products, only then one can earn money from Atomy Company. For 10,000 PV, you have to buy products from 1500 to 2000 rupees.

Membership Rank
In the membership rank, you get a position according to your own and the PV of the downline.

It is found in the following order, when you fulfill the condition of getting one degree after another.

  • Sales Representative
  • Agent
  • Special Agent
  • Dealer
  • Exclusive Distributor (E.D.)

When you complete 10,000 PV, you get the title of First Sales Representative and then Agent after completing the next condition. From the photo given below you will know what condition you have to fulfill for each degree.

Atomy Rank

Exclusive Distributor (ED) holds the highest degree in Atomy, which has 4 levels.

General commission

Your first earning after becoming a Sales Representative will be when 3 lakh PVs are different in both downlines. You will get 5 points, which is 24 $. That means around 1700 rupees.

If you own 3 lakh PV and both downlines also have 3 to 3 lakh PV, then you get 15 points and will have an income of $ 70.

Keep in mind, your own PV is "cumulative". Which never decreases, always increases. But the PV of the downline returns to 0 once its income is received.

You can understand the following General Commision from the following chart.

Atomy General comission

If you have to earn 300 PV, then there should be 50 crore PV in both downlines and your position on the ED of the last level i.e. your own PV should be more than 10 lakhs.

Master bonus

Master Bonus meets per week. It is numbered from 1 to 15 and 16 to 30 every month. This income starts after getting more than 25 lakh PVs in both downlines after becoming a Special Agent.

You can understand from the chart below. This income runs from Sales Master to Imperial Master. It takes too much time to reach this income.

In this income, some percentage of the company's total PV is distributed to all qualified direct sellers. Which is converted into a point and extracts income.

Atomy Master Bonus

Download Atomy Compensation Plan PDF

To understand Atomy Compensation Plan, you can download the following PDF. This PDF has been released by Atomy, in which the complete plan can be understood in English.

Apart from this, there is a lot of video available on YouTube to understand the plan. But many videos also contain wrong information.

Atomy Business Plan PDF

Atomy Products
Every MLM / Direct Selling Company has the most important product. If the company's product is not economical and people are not useful, then it becomes difficult for the company to run.

Atomy has products for health care, skin care, personal care, fashion and food. Before Atomy's arrival in India, the reason for such eagerness was being told its product.

But by looking at the Atomy Products Price List, its product is a bit expensive.

The price of 8 toothbrush sets of Atomy is around 450 rupees. That is, a brush costs 55 rupees.

In our country, the general public uses brushes of 20-25 rupees, so it can be difficult to do direct selling of the product of double price.

The MLM success rate is only 0.04% as most MLM companies are expensive products.


What is the cost of joining Atomy?

There is no fee to join Atomy. This rule is also in our direct selling guidelines. Therefore, no MLM company in India can charge joining fees.

But most companies force products instead of joining fees.

How to connect to atomy?

To connect with Atomy, you can contact the old direct seller of any Atomy. You have to give all your information to them and they will activate your online membership.

How much product will have to be taken in Atomy?

If you want to start income from Atomy, then you have to buy at least 10,000 PV. That is, you have to buy products of 1500 to 2000 rupees. But if you want to earn better income, then you have to buy 3 lakh PV.

Have to shop every month with Atomy?

No, atomy does not have to be purchased every month. But it is necessary to purchase once a year. Otherwise the company ceases membership.

Does PV have cumulative or less in Atomy?

Personal PV in Atomy is cumulative. Which always increases on purchase and never decreases.

But the PV of your downline is not cumulative. If 3 lakh PVs are matched in both downlines, then after getting the income, the downline PV becomes zero. Then the PV of the downline has to be 7 lakhs.

Should I connect to Atomy?

This decision should be yours. If you have complete understanding of MLM and required skills. So you can be successful in Atomy or any other MLM company.

Experts say, to get success in MLM one has to work hard for a minimum of 2 to 3 years.

Disclaimer: This content is solely based on our personal opinion and we do not want to degrade any community & company. This post is just personal review expressed by writer which may be admiration or criticism. Do not rely on this site for any decision making.