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Pesa group plan reviews discussed in briefly and pesa group plan is a very easy way to earns in lacks and crores. The company Pesa net private limited is one of the most well known company which is now available in India. Pesa group is that platform to earn money online in which you can be a richest person ever as the company is giving payment since last year. It gives 80-85% team commission in rs 500 only. company was launched in February 2016 with just an investment of 100 Rs. PESA net private limited is one of the best business plan through which you can earn money very easily as it is running been so longer. Pesa net online joining is very easy from the below article you understand how to do pesa net joining and also understand pesa group in hindi.

Minimum Investment Amount= 999,5000,10000,20000 Rs.

What is Plan?
Many people ask what is actually Pesa group plan. So here I will clear all your doubts about the company. Pesa group plan is a life changing marketing product company that provides you amazing commissions. It provides educational products and strategies to Normal people, Marketers, Business Owners to increase their knowledge about Marketing. These products will help you to increase your income as well as will provide you extra source of Income by giving handsome commissions as well.

Status of

Pesa net private limited provide you the potential to make more money in your existing business by giving you tools, educational products, coaching that work to help you achieve great Lifestyle. Pesa group plan reviews provide you with a way to earn leveraged income through their Referral program, which provides marketing systems, tools and products.


There are total 4 types of packages in pesa group plan

1. 999 Rs = Student pack

2. 5000 Rs=Leader pack

3. 10000 Rs=Director pack

4. 20000 Rs=All in one pack


There are two types of income in pesa group private limited

1.Non working pesa group income

2.Working pesa group income

Firstly we will discuss non working plan in brief

The non working plan of pesa group plan is fully based on turnover basis which the best part of pesa group company to run in long term

(A)Personal sale of 10000 rs within 30 days of joining

Company turnover 5% till 3 years

(B)Personal sale of 50000 rs within 4 months of joining

Company turnover 10% till 5 years

Pesa group plan reviews are just amazing.Pesa group is an innovative technology to earn money with a very small amount of investment just 999 Rs. It can take you higher in binary techniques as in my opinion this plan will go so longer. Even I made a lot of money through this business plan and also this company is providing educational and motivational material for their promoters. So don’t get confused join soon.

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