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Regal Coin (REC) And Invest Now To Make Huge Profits!
Earn 1.10% to 2% Daily & Capital is fully Returned After 99 days
If you missed bitcoin or bitconnect when the price was as low as 9$ per 1 BCC , Now Regalcoin is the new opportunity for you , it program is like bitconnect but more profitable than bitconnect , regalcoin is a cryptocurrency just like bitcoin , bitconnect ,dash etc. it price when launched during ICO market was as low as 0.98$ per 1 REC , presently now it price has hit 10$ per 1 REC and trending more higher.
Register here:
You simply earn in REC by involve in any of this investment
*Staking* and
*Referral program*
I bet you everyday is a pay day , nothing like 0.00 , you earn an average of 1.10% to 2% daily for 99days and you get you capital back
1.TRADING :- As a crypto currency , trading is one of the major aspect of it , you can basically trade REC / BCC/BTC at any exchanger but currently at
2. LENDING :- this is basically the investment part of it ,where is get 45% month and 1.10% - 2% daily and each investment plans last for 99 days 3 months and 9 days and you get ur lend capital back After 99 Days
Minimum Investment $100
You invested 1000$ and you earn 1.10% - 2% daily , running it with 1.40% will give you 14$ daily and 420$ monthly ,making it $1386 in 99days and you will get ur capital back , rounding it a total of $2386 in just 3 months Wow
3.MINING :- since it is a crypto-coin (REC) it is mined daily and you earn as the mined coin increases in value on the open crypto-currency market
4. STAKING :- part of the business is for those who want to keep the main coin of the company in their REC wallets. You earn between 10% to 15% extra on leaving it in ur wallet monthly, as well as, the coin value increases , just at August the coin was at the rate of 0.91$ but now the coin is sold at the rate of 10$ per coin and trending more higher daily
5. REFERRAL PROGRAM :- So u basically earn on your downlines first-time investments and other re-investments too!!!
>>>E.G :- You refer someone who does $1000, u earn $70 straight since the person will be on your first level
>>>Your referral then goes ahead to refer another person which then be on ur level 2 and u earn 3% of whatever that person invests in lending
>>>So, imagine your referrals and indirect referrals daily re-investing as they earn daily!!
Level 1 : 7%
Level 2 : 3%
Level 3 : 1%
System spillage
And also binary bounces
*So how do i get started ?*
1.This is very simple , first you need to have an active email
2. Register here :
3. Contact me or ur upline to activate you account and add you to the binary tree for this distribution of downlines
4. Change your btc to Regal coin(REC) here and transfer to you REC wallet right in your dashboard
4. Click on lending and lend , same way as bitconnect but more easily
5. You are good to go , you will start receiving daily interest in the next 24hours Earn 1.10% to 2% daily
Skype I'd. Nareshpta1
More info. Whatsapp & call.+ 91- 9780365771 (M)
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