MLM in Direct Selling and Network Marketing is the fastest way to achieve success. The main task in network marketing is to build your team, so how to call people in network marketing? It is very important to know this.

How to give Network Marketing Invitation?. How to attract network marketing? How to call people in MLM? How to build a team in network marketing?
The answer to these questions is in this post. After reading this, you will come to call people and attract them.

What is Network Marketing?

Be the first to know what network marketing is? First is direct selling,
In which the product is not sold in a "traditional" way.
That is, the distributor is given the product directly from the manufacturers rather than the manufacturers> Wholesaler> Retailer.

Now a type of direct selling is network marketing, in which every person builds a network below them and together with that network sells the product.

When we are talking about network marketing, we keep an eye on connecting people and building networks. There are many types of network marketing as well, in which binary, matrix, uni-level plans are present. So now, let's get to the main topic of this post "How to call people in network marketing?"

Invitation Call in MLM

How to invitation call people in MLM Network Marketing?

Logo ko kaise bulaye So, here we are telling some very important and easy tips, so that you can invite people and join your team. So let's see.

Product / Service and Your Company

So first of all, which network marketing company you are in, it is very important to build a network. Can you attract the product or service logo of the company you are associated with?

If your product

  • Good quality
  • Frequent use
  • Low Price
  • Economical

So your job becomes easier to call people in network marketing. Because when they will take regular product from you and tell them, "You too can come to my team and get a lower price and can earn money by selling them further." Without doubt they will join your team.

Secondly, a company with good product / service never scam and fraud. Hence the product / service of your company is the most important.

KISS Formula

Often, when people call someone to join network marketing for the first time, they pull it for hours in the first place and show big dreams. Which is the worst thing I find in the MLM industry. Promising big dreams is also against direct selling guidelines. You can read in the guidelines yourself.

When you are telling someone about your MLM plan for the first time, then use the KISS formula.

  • K-KEEP
  • I-IT

Here KISS means "simple and brief". You did not meet formally by calling, then tell them what is network marketing and how do teams work together? Then tell a little about your company and product. If that person is interested in hearing the plan briefly, then call him for another meeting.

Now the second time you tell them in detail, by not giving too much greed for money, tell the names of some successful people from the company.

First of all, the person who will hear about MLM for the first time, will find this business very strong and they will definitely be forced to join after hearing about the successful people live.

That is, first tell in brief and second time in detail. If the person has liked the plan in brief, then do not force him to come for the second time and do not talk about network marketing again and again.

Be successful yourself

Unless you are successful yourself and are not able to earn money from MLM, then how can you attract others for money from MLM. For example, understand that you go to the doctor for the treatment of the disease.

That is, the doctor knows what is the disease and what will be its treatment. Similarly, if you are able to earn good money yourself, then only someone will listen to your advice and because you know how to earn money.

So for the first time you raise your hand in MLM, for that

  • First you can earn by selling the product by joining a product based company.
  • After that, take some of your closest people with you and work well with them to earn a good income.

When you are making income from MLM yourself, you start network marketing loudly. You should tell people about your income, that too with proof. By this you are effectively attracting people towards you.

Network Marketing and Your Personality

The changes in your Personality and Personality that come after joining a Network Marketing Company, provides a boon for success in Network Marketing. For an attractive personality, you should also pay attention to your fitness, meditate, which develops the mind.

Apart from this, for personality, you need to dress well. "Considered Dress For What You Are, Dress For What You Want To Become." That means do not dress in the way that you are. Dress up as you want to be.

Learn communication skills (The art of talking) and marketing skills. A tremendous Confidence (self-confidence) makes it successful not only in network marketing but also in life. The same attracts your personality to become like you. Therefore, Personality is very important.

Understand the need for others

This is most important for calling people in network marketing. If you do network marketing only for your own benefit, then you cannot succeed quickly.

When you are going to tell your friend about network marketing, first understand its need. Most people need money, but many people need something else before money. So first understand their need.

Now relate their need to your network marketing plan and tell them that "what you want can easily be found by working in my company." Suppose your friend wants good fitness and six-pack, then you have understood his need. So now he said that

“A good gym and diet will be needed to make a six-pack and you will get it only when you have money. The same household will not pay so much for the gym. So join my MLM company, which will also get health products and will earn good sales. "

In this way, your friend will be very impressed by your talk, because here you are also fulfilling his needs and your network will also be formed.